Monday, November 3, 2014

What was I thinking?

     What was I thinking? Why did I agree to this? Today, I did something I said I'd NEVER do...I got BRACES!!! Yep, you read that right, BRACES. Why are you all laughing? (It's ok I've been laughing about it most the day, too). KJ keeps laughing at me because I "lisp" when I talk now (I also was told it effected my singing, too not that I was a great singer but I think I'll wear a bid to worship now. Oh and I need to worn you PLEASE STAND BACK 5 feet when we talk Face to Face as it seems I tend to spew, well, you get the picture (and NO, I will NOT post a picture of my mouth full of braces so you can stop scrolling to find one). LOL (I have to laugh about it; it helps with the PAIN)!!!

     Almost 55 years old and I got braces. I regret it too but I'm trying to have a good attitude about it. Here's why I am just NOW getting the braces I needed YEARS (and Years and Years ago). My teeth have never been straight, especially my 2 front teeth, they bow in the middle. Well, way back in 1973 or '74 I went to a carnival and won a plastic back scratcher. For some dumb reason I was sucking on the back scratcher while waiting in line to ride a ride. I was bumped from behind, the back scratcher broke when it smacked into the back of my tooth and chipped my tooth. I went to our family dentist in Beatrice and I had to get a crown on it. (I was a teen and being a teen all that I could think of was "Now I'll never get married, who'd marry someone with a crown"...hey I was a dumb teen).

     So anyway, the dentist told me the crown should last 15-20 years, well according to my math, and math is not nor has it ever been my strong point, I figure the crown has lasted twice as long as I was told it would. As much as it pains me to admit it is almost 40 years (I know I don't look (or act) a day over 30, right? Hee Hee. So anyway, the dentist we've been going to (he did Nick and KJ's braces) said that the crown is starting to crack and said I should consider replacing it (before it does split) and also the other tooth because it seems I grind my teeth in my sleep and needed replaced. He mentioned "Veneers" which I told him on every visit "I DO NOT want veneers as I have heard a couple of horror stories about them (ie: eating out with friends and one popped off and had to go the whole weekend with a "peg" showing). I see veneers as like a "fake fingernail" and you know how fake fingernails pop off easy.

     So anyway he said that I should consider wearing "6 month smile" braces to straighten the teeth so when I get the braces off they would be straight and when they make the "mold" for my crowns, the crowns, for my 2 front teeth, would be straight. (Why did I just start humming "All I want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth")?

    Seven hours into the braces and my teeth are KILLING me (he said to take Advil for the pain, I'm thinking, 7 or 8 should help, Just Kidding). Thinking back to when my kids got braces and the pain they had the first day or so and each time they had an adjustment done. Again, what was I thinking?

    I didn't even look in the mirror at the dentist office, I waited until I got home and pulled into the garage, took a peek and started to tear up. It seriously feels like my teeth are sticking out to the Oklahoma border and like I have "spikes" on each tooth. I hope I make it the "6 months" although it could be 9 months to a year. So...friends and family if you see me around town and I give a half, not to heartfelt, SMILE, now you know why, OK? And again I say, "What was I thinking"?

    Well, enough of that pity party...a lot been going on in the 2 months since I last blogged. Tony's elated that his roommate was kicked out of college and he has a room to himself (unless someone transfers in the next semester). The kid was a quiet kid, didn't say but a handful of sentences the whole 9 weeks he was in Tony's room. He'd play PS4 games until morning and sleep during the day. Well, if you skip out of 10 classes, you are kicked out of college. Thursday his parents came and picked up his stuff. Tony comes home on Friday through Sunday (he's come home every weekend so far, one of the reasons he picked this college, was because it was so close to home). Tony text me late last night and was saying how quiet it is now (the kid had a mini fridge in the room and it was so noisy) and said "I'd put the two twin beds together Mom but I'd probably fall through the crack and hurt myself" and he said "Now I can do my homework at the built in desk". I asked him why he hadn't been using it before and he said "because that's where the kid kept his EMPTY pop-can collection" (seems the kid wasn't into a clean dorm room either). Oh, Tony you are such a funny kid. So glad he's doing so well there.

     Well, I (we) survived our annual Highway 36 Garage Sale in September. I said last year that I would NOT have one this year and once again I caved and had one. My Mom and Dad and all 3 siblings had stuff to sell this year. You never make much $$$ but the time spent together was PRICELESS!!! And for the record I AM NOT HAVING A SALE NEXT YEAR...I AM GOING TO THEM!!! (please hold me to that statement, somebody, anybody).

      In other news: You know how I always enter the FREE (Stressing FREE because I don't want people to think I am a GAMBLER) Football Pick em contest in our local paper. Well, this year I took 2nd place twice ($30. total, so far and I did pretty good this week, I think). My Dad took 2nd one week, too ($15). It's all in good (FREE) fun. I usually do better, last year I won a total of $140. for the 9 week contest. I just wish I would get them all right because they give you $100. One year I got them all correct (back then it was 30 different teams now it's only 15 to pick from, you'd think it would be a little easier to win) and back then you got $200. for perfect picks. When they asked me what I would do with the money I said "Maybe make a quick trip to Branson"...and we did. ☺

      Spent October watching the KC Royals make it to the World Series for the first time in 29 years. I remember watching them play in 1985. Doesn't seem that long ago though. Had hoped they could pull it off but it wasn't meant to be. Although they didn't win they got the attention of our 15 year old KJ who sat beside me and "cheered" them on (for those of you that know KJ, she was out of her comfort zone with all this cheering, she's usually pretty quiet). ☺

      Seems odd that my 3 kids did NOT participate in the 41st annual Bible Bowl, for the first time since 2007. It was this past Saturday and KJ and I went to it. Although they studied the book of Acts in Sunday school, Nick and KJ said that since Tony couldn't be on the team (he's in college now and to old to be on the team) they didn't want to have a team, without him. Dan needed their help Saturday so Tony and Nick worked with him. KJ said she just wanted to "watch" this year (she didn't want to be put on a team with total strangers).

      Dan's been VERY busy and I know he is looking forward to WINTER (and our annual ski trip to Steamboat is right around the corner). He keeps me busy with quick trips to Lincoln to pick up supplies (I have to go there again tomorrow). Today, I had to drive 50 miles to pick something up for him. I've been putting a lot of miles on "KJ's car" (gets better mileage than the SUV).

      I'd love to give you an update about "My Street" in front of our house but I'm not really sure what is going on with it. Last year I was elated when they poured the southbound lane (concrete). You have no idea how happy I was to have "CONCRETE" to drive on and NOT a gravel road. So imagine my surprise when I heard a motor running outside my window 2 weeks ago and when I looked it looked like they were digging up what they had just poured a year ago. Well, upon closer look they actually were digging huge ditches to put huge drain/sewer pipes in. I had a huge, huge mound of dirt right in front of my house, the whole block. They did NOT tell us what they were doing so imagine my surprise when they shut off our water for the day (I had a load in the washer, a load in the dishwater and couldn't even shower) and in order to pick KJ up from school I had to drive across our lawn because our driveway had a HUGE HUGE pile of dirt and a HUGE ditch. Grrrrr but by the end of the week they moved all the dirt and life on this street was back to being well, so-so. ☺So imagine my surprise (and I'm not going to lie, a bit of anger) when I tried to turn down our street but couldn't because you guessed it...they were back...digging huge, huge trenches again and No water again. (I sure said HUGE a lot).

      Folks I'm NOT making this up... this is a true story. I was told the northbound lane would be done by the end of last week but they have only poured one block. It's easy for me to feel like after all these years (we've had this gravel, pot holed street for over 10 years now) this is all just a joke. People ask me why we've put up with this. I'm not sure why we have, Dan tells me to be patient, PATIENT....really. I doubt his customers would wait 10 years for him to finish a concrete job. We pay our taxes, taxes that go for street repairs, etc. Lets get this street done!!! Thanks you for letting me vent...(deep breath sigh, ahhhh). Here's a picture from my front porch today.

     In happier news Nick has been cooking/baking for a class grade and I'm loving it. This weekend he made Chicken Tortilla Soup and Pumpkin Cake Bars with cream cheese icing. YUM. (I think it was extra yummy because I DIDN'T have to make them). He's made several things over the past 9 weeks; like Pepperoni Pizza bubble bread, baked beans, crock pot lasagna etc. I love it.

     Whoa, I hadn't planned on this being so longgggg but it sure helped keep my mind off the pain from these huge's hoping I get a little sleep tonight.

Have a SON-filled week.



Thursday, August 21, 2014

First born starts College...Mom tries to adjust.

Guess who got to see her son yesterday? This girl!!! After spending half the day tearing up from missing our first born that went off to college last week, I had a "light bulb moment" and called Dan to see if there was anyway we could possibly drive to Highland and go to Bible Study with Tony. Well, KJ had violin lessons after school and Dan was still at work so in yet another "light bulb moment"  I thought I should ask Tony's girlfriend to go with me. I called her and of course she said she wanted to go and we decided to "surprise" Tony and not tell him we were coming. Hee Hee. Imagine his surprise when he opened his dorm door and there we stood. PRICELESS!
He hadn't left for supper yet so I suggested we eat supper in St. Joe; they picked Fazollie's. After we ate, we went to Bible Study. Tony knew some of the teens and adults there, from church camp and everyone was so friendly, which will help Tony as he attends each Wednesday. (in a side note the couple behind me started talking before it started and I discovered that they knew our former preacher and they gave me an update on him, his wife and their 3 girls (who handed out programs and rice bags at our wedding 34 years ago) which was super cool to hear (although in my mind they were still 5, 7 and 9 years old) and all 3 had children of their own now. They told me they would tell them "Hello" from me when they went back for a visit, over Labor Day Weekend.
Afterwards we went to Wally World and got a few things and Tony couldn't thank me enough for surprising him. He said we have to come over "every Wednesday" to help make the week go faster but we won't...well, maybe I could go every other week. ☺
I didn't tell Tony how much I have been missing him or about my crying bouts because he told me he's not liking it there so far and I didn't want to make matters worse. His roommates don't talk to each other (I hope that changes) he said they just sit around with headphones in. Those of you that know Tony, know he doesn't know a stranger and can get along with anyone so he was happy we gave him something to do, since he already had his homework done. We got home late but this Momma is happy because he comes home for the weekend TOMORROW!!! Oh the benefit of your son going to college 75 miles away (Tony checked out several colleges before picking this one but didn't want to be to far from home) ☺

As I see it, parenthood has two big transitions, when our children arrive and when they leave. I thought signing Tony up for Preschool years ago tugged at my heart strings or even watching him walking across the stage last May at graduation but last week, when I took him to "move in day" at his dorm, I knew within ten steps of walking away from my sons dorm, that not only my life, but my son's life, had changed...Forever!!! I did all I could do to hold it together, saving the tears until I drove away, out of his sight before letting the tears start streaming down my face, I was sad for me, as I know I will miss him being around the house. He makes me laugh, he likes to prank me or sneak up behind me and scare me. He's forever telling me "I Love you Mom" before he goes to bed and almost always ends our phone conversations that way, too but yet I'm happy for him as he starts a new chapter of life (have I mentioned I'm thankful he's only 75 miles away). ☺

All the times I heard "enjoy your kids because time flies and before you know it they will be off to college"...looks like that time has come...and I'm NOT ready for it. I want to turn back time and start all over again and all 3 kids are toddlers yet I enjoy watching them grow each day into such remarkable kids. Thankful God has blessed Dan and I with such amazing kids. I'm not the perfect parent; they aren't perfect kids but they make me look forward to each new day and each new memory, with them.

Moving on and thinking positive thoughts, I have "discovered" that I still have 2 kids, still at home, that will help me tackle each day and help prepare me for their time to leave the nest, these next few years. School started Aug. 13th, Nick is a Senior, KJ a sophomore. Nick still talks about going to college in Wyoming (and I still pray he changes his mind and goes to college somewhere closer, much closer, to home). Note to my Mom and Dad "How did you cope with us 4 kids "flying the coop"? It's been so long ago, I don't even remember my own thoughts, of when I left home.

So summer came and went...FAST!!!  The boys worked for Dan all summer and all 3 kids went to church camp, in June. While they were at camp, I took my Mom and Dad on an overnight road trip, to the salt mine and Cosmosphere, in Hutchinson. I enjoyed having them all to myself for 36 hours. ☺Nick went fishing, when time allowed and they camped out a few times (at Dan's shop).

After much planning by Dan's brother Curt, Dan and the boys, 4 of Dan's brothers, one sister, and several other family members (26 total, I believe) went on a canoe trip, in July, at the boundary waters of Minnesota. Dan's Dad had taken Dan and several of his brothers, to this very spot so you might say, it was on Dan's "Bucket List" that he would someday take his boys. Oh, don't feel bad for KJ and I that we didn't go on the canoe trip...we were invited but it didn't take but a second for the 2 of us to decline, the invite. ☺ KJ and I went to Branson with my parents and brother for a few days and just "chilled" at home, smiling as we thought about Dan and the boys, paddling...for HOURS and HOURS a day, fighting off mosquitoes, the size of Hummingbirds, constantly checking your surroundings, for bear or moose. I know they had a great time and I'm pretty sure they are happy that these two city girls, didn't go with them. I know I'm sure glad I didn't offense to those of you that did go but it's just not my cup of tea.

I do regret NOT getting to see all the beauty they saw on the canoe trip

Nick and Tony
this picture is worth a thousand SMILES...Dan finally has some down time
Have a SON-filled weekend.
Yes, this picture is true, I'm looking forward to Tony being home for the weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm a Survivor-

I'm a Survivor because I just survived a VERY busy past 2 months!!!!

While my siblings and I worked on remodeling one of my Dad's rental properties for him; my husband was busy with our basement remodel (more on that later). Our first born graduated Sunday afternoon and that night I found myself driving my Dad to the ER because he was having chest pains again. Praise the Lord he did NOT have a heart attack but they did keep him overnight for observation and he has yet another medicine to take.

My 80 year old Dad has had some health issues that he hasn't gotten answers for yet. He has spots on his lungs and an enlarged spleen. Last week, I drove Dad (and Mom, too) to Manhattan where he had to have bone marrow collected so they can run test on it. To see my Dad come through the door, into the lobby where we were waiting, with tears rolling down in face, I knew it was a painful procedure because my Dad is one tough guy.

He was crying really hard and when Mom asked him about the pain he said he wasn't crying because of his pain but because he was so glad it wasn't Mom, that had that procedure done (he loves her so much). He said "First time I've felt pain like that, in my life". Thankfully, his discomfort was short lived and hopefully he will find out what is going on with his spleen, when he goes back to the doctor to find out the results, May 27th. I love my Daddy and pray God gives us many more years with him. He means the world to me, to all of us and Mom needs him by her side.

OK, so moving on. Our first born graduated from High School Sunday. The 14th was his last day of school so by his breakfast plate of waffles I put a little note to him. I wrote something like "Hey Bud it's your last day of high school. Celebrate the day but remember all the memories. I remember dropping you off at Pre-school and I worried you'd cry and want to come home with me but it was I who cried...all the way home. Time as gone by so fast. I guess you won't be calling me anymore and saying "Hey, Mom can you bring me my book bag to the office"... and no more PB & J sandwiches to make for sporting events or just "because I like them". I'm proud of the young man you have become and I will pray for you til my last breath son." With tears in his eyes he said "Mom, I wish I hadn't read this before school" and we went outside and I took, for the last time the traditional PICTURE on the Porch" for his last day of school.
Sunday was an emotional day for me but I managed to keep my tears to a minimum. Three of Dan's brothers, their spouses and a few kids came down Sat. night. Sunday morning Tony was presented with a Bible from the church and then we had potluck in the church basement. Tony was surprised when he saw the bulletin board and tables decorated for him. ☺

Graduation was at 2:30 and it was a comfortable 75* and NO Rain!!! With only 53 graduates it was a pretty short ceremony. ☺ Tony looked so handsome in his cap and gown...I was one proud Momma. We had an Open House at our house afterwards and he had a good turn out (and he got an amazing amount of CA$H, very generous friends and family). I'm so glad Dan got the basement finished; it was so neat to see (hear) Tony and a bunch of his friends hanging out down there. Dan regrets he didn't do the remodel a few years ago but it happened when it happened and its great it is now finished (a few little things Dan wants to finish yet) and the kids can have friends over, to hang out down there. (The joke is when the kids are grown and out of the house, we can rent out the basement as an apartment).

Tony handed me a DVD and told me to watch it with Dad Sunday night (he went to his friends, that's a girl...if you get my drift) Open House. I wish he had watched it with us. Tony made a DVD of pictures of his life, with a ton of pictures and some of my favorite songs playing. Yep, I cried like a baby and Dan got teary eyed, too (I saw KJ wiping her eyes). At the end he Thanked us for all we have done for him and for raising him up, in the church and raising him in the Lord. At the end he had a great poem he found online but re-wrote to fit us. We are so BLESSED. I'm going to miss him when he heads off to college in the fall. He makes me laugh daily (and from visits with guest at the Open House he is known even at school for being so funny).

Tony and I watched the Senior DVD and they showed highlights of football, basketball etc. and he was the only Senior for Cross Country and nobody had taped any events (can you blame them, cross country is a pretty BORING event). ☺ Tony got permission to "re stage" a cross country race. Let me just say, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. You can hear the girl running the camera laugh, too. He started out running but he looked more like (no offense) Forrest Gump. Then he ran around a tree, hid behind a sign and as you know they race on a golf course, so he jumped into and back out of, a golf cart. Later, there's a guy golfing and Tony takes the guys golf ball and runs off with it and the golfer jumps in his cart and chases Tony (Tony told him to do all that) down the course. You have to see it to get the full effect, it was funny. Love his personality, the world needs more Happy people.

So anyway, I managed to get Tony's scrapbook done (I had better start on Nick's NOW as he graduates in ONE year) and I even wrote him a poem (I might include it at the end of all this) and also a booklet of newspaper articles I've clipped out, over the years. I have another one to add, as Tony made it to State tennis over the weekend. He and his doubles partner finished 5th at Sub-State so they advanced to State. Unfortunately, they did not place at State but as Tony said "I got a cool t-shirt out of it".

I'm taking Tony Thursday to check out York College. Thursday night he will report to soccer practice and see if he can make the soccer team (and maybe get a scholarship). ☺ The coach knows he didn't play on a school team (we don't have one) but he did play on a rec team here 4 years and was usually the goalie. Friday a.m. he will take a tour of the campus etc.  (As his Mom, I'm hoping he picks York, as he'd only be 2½ hours away and we could meet in Lincoln...OFTEN. He liked OCU but didn't like the 350 miles and he hasn't ruled it out yet. He's pretty sure it won't be Pratt though because he longer plans to pursue being a game warden (we've heard it's really hard to find a know with government budget cuts). In the meanwhile, we pray that God will guide him to where he needs to be.

Tony got all day yesterday off but today it's back to work...for Dad. As a type this they are home for lunch (leftovers from his open house, sandwiches, grapes, CAKE (he LOVES LOVES LOVES CAKE) and his "friend" is eating with him. Speaking of CAKE; here's the cake my cousin Joni made for the open house.
BEFORE- N E Corner
Moving here's a "before" picture and a few "after" pictures, of the basement remodel. On March 12th, with Nick's help, we cleared out the basement (no more ping pong table or a place to store my garage sale "stuff"). Please NOTE this picture was taken AFTER we started clearing out the basement. ☺ If you look close the boxes are labeled KEEP, SELL and Throw Away.☺ It took 2 months to complete with Dan working on it in the evenings after working all day doing concrete work (the kids and I helped whenever there was work we could do and not miss it up). He did a great job and Dan was able to show everyone the transformation, the day of Tony's Open House. Since buying this house in '91 there is nothing original to the house. I take that back, there's a little closet by the bathroom that still has the green shag carpet and yellow walls, in it. This house went from being a one (and a ½) bedroom to a 4 bedroom. I went from cleaning one bathroom to 5 now (uggg) and Dan and I each have our own office. ☺ We have been blessed and Dan has done most the work himself. What a talent, gift.
AFTER- same view N E corner

East wall

South Wall with "Door" picture frame
Dan was able to get FREE barn wood (basically, you tear it done you can have it) so he used that on one whole wall and the other walls it's like a wanes coat; on the lower half of the walls. He made a cabinet and a shelf out of barn wood and a frame for KJ art work, too out of it. The picture above that holds family pictures was a door we salvaged when we modeled years ago. We left the glass door knob on it and I found 5 old coat hooks and Dan put them on for a place to hang our guest coats in the winter time. Dan put carpet on the steps and put a fridge done there and plans to put a microwave and a toaster oven (not sure I want one down there, fire hazards) down there, too. He wants to remodel the other half of the basement where the pool table is but it will be a while.

Nick is a busy kid. He went on a few trips for FFA this school year. He got first place at a regional FFA meet in Entomology and took 3rd in the State, for Entomology. He likes to be outdoors. He went turkey hunting a few times (no luck) and has gone fishing and camped out a few times, too. I'm always happy when he walks in the back door and returns home safe. He'll be working for Dan again this summer but first he's going to go up to Iowa and help Uncle Paul on the farm for a week.
Nick in his FFA jacket and tie

KJ is ready for summer!! She hopes to have more free time to practice her piano and violin and since Uncle Gregg left his guitar here; wants to practice on it, too. She wants to make some money this summer but I doubt she would like to do the kind of work Dan does all day. She wants to do an art piece for the basement, also. She got a first place and several 2nd places at the annual Mother's Day Art Show and was named #7 in the Top Ten in art. Here's a picture of "Nick's Boots" that took 1st place in several art shows this year; most commenting on the amount of  "detail" she put into it. Dan made the frame out of leftover barn wood and we hung it up in the basement.
Here's the poem I wrote for Tony, it's in his scrapbook.
My Son 
For 15 years I shed the tears
Praying for a child so dear
God answered them; in His time
A little boy; to call mine.

We named you after your Grandpa's
You learned to walk, you never crawled
You talked and read before most
I’m your mom; I’m going to boast.

You’re like you dad; one smart cookie
You end your text with "Oakie Dokie"
Quick wit, one liners and plenty of laughs
Your cars always dirty and "out of gas".

You sleep like a log
You love our dog
You clean your room
But won’t vacuum.

You played every sport
You name it, you tried it
Except for Golf…
You just don’t like it.
A broken wrist
Mouth full of braces
Stitches 4 times
You’ve gone lots of places.

You’re a great big brother
You help your mother
Work for your dad
Rarely get mad.
You like music
Love BBQ wings
Like PS3 games
And trying new things.
Like forensics, school plays
Scholars bowl, too
You learned some Spanish
And cooked a meal or two.
Has it really been 18 years?
Since God blessed us with you
We can’t wait to see
Where God will lead you.

Love, Mom

Have a SON-filled week and keep my father in your prayers.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My DAD is the Best!!!

One of my cousins posted the above post on Facebook today and I can not tell you how much this one "Jumped" off the page at me, so I am sharing it with all of you, by way of my blog. I had a restless night last night which I'm sure was due to the fact that my Dad got the results back (from wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours, blood test and x-rays) from the Doctor. Results that no one ever likes to hear. Here's what I remember Mom saying but I will admit once I heard the word "Cancer" my brain shut down.
"Your Dad has a couple of spots on one lung and a smaller one on the other lung. His heart does race at times and the Dr said he wants Dad to see a blood specialist etc in Manhattan next week. His spleen is enlarged and he has an infection (from what they're not sure)". So we're praying that God, the Great Healer, will answer our many prayers and Dad will return to good health, if it's His will. And please add Mom to your prayers, too as she's trying to be strong but she's concerned, as am I.

Dad requested we eat at the bowling alley after he got "the news". Had that been me that just got that kind of news, I know without a doubt, I would've gone home, crawled into bed, covered up my head and had a week long pity party. But NOT my Dad. You see he has handled every thing that life has thrown at him with Prayer and Faith and Trust in the Lord.

Of all the nights that I needed SLEEP the most , I couldn't. Tonight I'm helping at the  school's "After Prom" so I will be awake ALL NIGHT. I kept t
hinking and praying and thinking and praying some more, for my Dad. He means the world to me and last night I kept thinking about what if it is Dad's time to go (no one is promised tomorrow and this sounds like I'm writing his obituary but I just want to let my Dad know NOW what he means to me and to everyone that knows and loves him.
I've taken for granted all these years I've had with my Dad and I haven't told him enough how much "I Love You" and how thankful I am for all those years of working so hard for all of us and giving us so many happy memories. I can NOT imagine my life without him and I'm praying if it's the Lord's will, that we will have him for many many more years. So Dad I'm telling you now how so very Thankful I am that God gave me YOU as my Father. I'm so thankful that you took us kids to church so faithfully, 3 times a week, knowing how worn out you were from working all day at the gas station. Thank you for stepping up and leading songs, teaching bible classes and doing so much for the church here, your reward is Heaven.

I'm so thankful for the times you took off work to take us on summer trips to Colorado, when I know you and Mom had to really scrape up the funds to do make sure we had a vacation each summer. So many memories...just to many to write about!!! Like letting me lay in the back window of the car on our long trips (no seat belt laws back then and I survived).☺ Thanks for teaching me how to "Yodel" (kind of) and putting up with me "singing" in the car while teaching my siblings crazy songs I learned at Girl Scouts or from cousins. Thank You for all the times you moved our the we wouldn't have to see them laying there, after being hit by a semi.

Thank You for NOT telling me that you're NOT Superman because to me you are. You have so many talents Dad. You can fix anything and if you can't,you "sleep on it" and when you wake up in the morning you know just how to fix it.

Thank You for your patience while teaching me how to drive and especially how you reacted when I called you on my 16th birthday and told you that when I backed out of the alley my car slid on the ice and hit the telephone pole. My friends just knew you would yell at me and I'd be grounded but no you reacted just how I knew you would. You asked "Is everybody OK and can it still be driven?" Well, the trunk wouldn't latch so you used a tie down and sent us on our way. I won't forget my friends telling me what a great dad I had.

I could go on and on but fast forward to my wedding day...I'm not sure who cried or you but my favorite and most cherished memory of you is the day I told you that the Lord had answered our many prayers and that after 15 years of praying for a child; Dan and I were expecting!!! PRICELESS.

As I type this (with tears running down my face) I realize that I have been blessed so much. And Mom, I want you to know that I feel just as blessed to have you as my Mom and I have told you many times as we spend more time doing things together. I can't help but think...what must Dad be thinking but I know Dad has put it in the Lord's hands and has faith in what God has done for him so far. It's almost been a year since Dad started having heart problems again and the Lord gave us ONE MORE YEAR with Dad. Praise the Lord and for which I'm so thankful. I pray that God will see us through this bump in the road because I'm not worried about Dad; he's handling it just like he's handled everything's us, those of us who love him so much, that need to have the faith and trust Dad has.

Dad, I have to stop now as I can no longer see the keyboard and I've cried enough to "supply the water tower". I wanted you to know how much I love you and I knew this was the best way to tell you. Thank You for being the best Dad a girl could ask for and thanks for forgiving me when I wasn't the best daughter a Dad could have. I LOVE you!!!!
If you Google "Best Dad" you will see this picture. ☺

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What A Morning this has been

Wow, this has been the most unusual day I have had since well, I don't know when. Crazy, Busy morning!!! I slept through 2 different alarms (my fault because I had turned the volume down on my phone and forgot to turn it back up) but I still managed to wake up by 6:30. I also woke up with my left eye sealed shut and swollen (probably allergies again). I had to take Tony to school early-his car is getting a total tune-up today got home and had to take KJ to school about 8:00 and I no more got home and the plumber got here (Charles Oehm - I had no idea Dan ordered that water system, so I wasn't expecting you). ☺ 8:30 the door bell rings and it's Nebraska Furniture with the bed Dan ordered for Tony (I guess when your 6' 3" you need at least a queen size bed (Dan neglected to order a headboard for it though so now I need to find one).

Then my sister called and needed the size of the kitchen cabinet for Dads rental house we siblings have been working on for him. His renters trashed it so we are doing repairs there, so he can SELL it. When you're 80 and have heart trouble, you shouldn't have the stress of being a if you know of anyone that's looking for a 2 bedroom house, close to the high school etc let me know, it will be ready soon. ☺
Taking time out from working for a "Selfie" LOL
It will have all new windows (several windows have broken glass and the story goes like this; the past renter told the neighbor that one of the windows got broke out when the "Ghost" of the house threw a frozen hamburger patty at her". Seriously?!?!?!  We will have another work day this Saturday, as the sibs and I will work there again (I will after the funeral). The house will have a new front door and screen door, new carpeting, new kitchen sink and counter, fresh paint in the whole house and we gutted the whole bathroom (that was my job and it was a blast to destroy everything in there, right Levi?). So it has a brand new shower, sink and cabinet etc.

Anyway, hung up the phone and it rings's my Mom telling me the day and time of the funeral for one of the ladies at church. Then the granddaughter-in-law of the lady that passed away called and we discussed the meal etc. and how many to expect. While on the phone with her the doorbell rings, it's my Dad with more measurements to give to my brother when he calls at noon today on his lunch break. He no more left and Dan's worker rang the back doorbell and wanted to know where he should I put the load of barn wood? (Dan got barn wood to use in the basement remodel oh I didn't mention we are remodeling the ping pong and pool table room)? Yep, got that going on, too. Dan and his crew work on it in between other jobs. Kids are excited (so am I) because before it was just concrete floor and walls with my garage sale "junk" on the shelves but still room to play Ping-Pong with their friends. (I plan to post before and after pictures from both remodels...if I don't forget).

So he rang the doorbell again and said to call Dan and ask what he was to do next (worker has no cell phone). Worker started talking to me and my phone rang again. Grrrr telemarketer and add 3 more calls from telemarketers and this all before 11:00. I need to go to Wally World before school gets out at 1:30 today because then I have to drive KJ around in the country so she can take pictures for her Art assignment that is guessed it TOMORROW!!! So looks like One-Hour photo is in my plans today.

Right now as I look to the left of my key board I see 5 post it notes of things that need taken care of ASAP, (a Dentist appointment reminder card, tomorrow a.m., the date and time for Dan and KJ's eye doctor appointments Friday, in Lincoln, a reminder that Tony and Nick need to go get fitted for their Tuxes for Prom, (even though the aren't going to the dance part) a reminder to work on Tony's graduation invitations (that needs done pretty soon, I think), a reminder that one of Dan's brothers and his wife will be visiting us over night next week as they pass through here),  a reminder to take Before (during and after) pictures of both the rental house and our basement remodel and a reminder that the bed will be delivered today. Oh, good I can throw that one away. Oh, looky there...a recipe for "Egg Salad" using only 4 ingredients and not a note but I could write a note in all the dust on my desk. LOL.

Beside all the "notes" is a catalog that has 3 things in there that I need to of these days. Beside that is Tony's scrapbook...I planned to have it finished by his 18th birthday but that came and went so I plan to have it ready by his graduation (although he saw it on my desk and told me not to worry about it because "I don't need one" he's getting one...someday he might be glad I made it for him. ☺

I am happy that I finished one project that I started on in January. I have been teaching Sunday school for over 40 years and now as I am considering "retiring" from that, I thought I'd make a big binder full of Bible lessons and that's just what I did. I have 20 lessons on such stories from the Bible as Creation, Noah, Moses, the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, Jonah, Jesus and also Attendance Charts. All they have to do is pull out the packet and make copies of it (and put it back in the binder when done, so it's there for the next person (I have nothing against ordering class material there's a lot of options out there; I just made this as I wanted that option). Each one has a type written account of that Bible person, a Song or two, to go with it, a work sheet, a coloring page (for young children) and either a Word Search or Crossword Puzzle about the story. I worked on it here and there as time allowed and was so happy when I finished it. Also on the back burner right now is my book about my life (this project may NEVER get finished as I don't work on it as often anymore never enough time in the day).

In other news...while I'm on here anyway I will tell you that Tony has gone on 4 college visits and I think he has decided NOT to become a Game Warden (available jobs are few and far between) and is considering Oklahoma Christian University, at this time. The 5 of us went to Oklahoma over Spring Break and all 5 of us went on the tour of the campus (you never know Nick and KJ might decide to go there, too). Tony has a friend from Camp that is there now and a girl from church goes there, too. My sister went there and met her future hubby there (not pushing him to get married) but you never know. It was cute (although it embarrassed Tony) but our waitress told us that she attends OC right now and she looked at Tony and said "If you decide to go here, be sure to look me up". ☺

SPRING BREAK came and went so fast. Besides the college visit we stayed home and worked on the basement. Well, sorta. Nick went camping with 2 friends (how they didn't FREEZE to death I will never know). This Momma was worried and even considered driving there at 1 a.m. to check on them. I texted Nick and he didn't respond so I started to worry but Dan told me Nick had told him that they would be plenty warm and that Nick's phone battery was almost dead (plus Nick is a sound sleeper). I was happy when I heard his truck in the yard that morning. He said Moh, our dog, helped keep him warm. ☺

What a great surprise Monday when it Snowed in the Morning and melted by Noon. My siblings and I were working at the rental house while it was snowing. Big flakes and so pretty (the snow not my siblings, well maybe they are flakey and pretty oh never mind). LOL. I love snow and even though it is SPRING I was happy to see it. Here's a picture I took from our porch that day. Well, it's almost 1:00 now and Dan stopped by for a quick bite before he goes back to work and school gets out at 1:30 today and I have a few errands to run yet before I pick her up (Wally-World will have to wait til later. I know what's for's Wednesday which means it's half-price BBQ Wings at Pizza Hut night and the boys ALWAYS!!!!!!!!! get Wings on Wed. ☺Well, if you read this all the way to here...I don't know what...but as always...Have a SON filled day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

HAPPY 15th Birthday

Well, this is a day late but Happy 15th Birthday to our beautiful daughter, KJ!!! "TIME FLIES"!!! Seriously, it's been 15 years?!?!? We woke up to what looked like powder sugar on the streets, a light snow, unlike the day she was born 15 years ago, when it was a whiteout. Driving the 15 miles to the hospital, we didn't know if we were on the highway or driving in the ditch but we made it there and she was born 40 minutes after we arrived. The Doctor barely made it there before KJ was born at 12:02 p.m. a Tuesday (all 3 kids were born on a Tuesday).
We didn't know what we were having and when people asked I'd say "Well, we will either have My 3 Sons or a little sister for Tony and Nick. They got a sister and although when we brought her home Tony looked at me and said "TAKE HER BACK"!!! we kept her and he quickly learned to love her and we got to keep her. ☺

Fast forward 15 years and now she's a smart, talented, compassionate, shy Freshman...who 3 years from now will be a Senior and making plans for college. COLLEGE!!! I can remember when the kids were little I would get so over-whelmed with these 3 gifts from God (I had 3 kids in 3 years...yes I got over-whelmed) and other Mom's would say "Enjoy this time with them it will go fast". And they were so right. I'm still trying to come to grips that my first born, the one we prayed for, for 15 years, will be graduating in 3 short months and then off to college. And the next year Nick will graduate and go off to college and in May 2017, KJ graduates. And for the record...NO I am not getting one bit excited about being "Empty Nesters"...Dan and I had that for the first 15 years of our marriage; I will miss the rush here, go there, do this activities, we've had these past 18 years but I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for these three precious gifts.

KJ wanted a mother-daughter trip to Lincoln for her birthday so we went Saturday. (Do you know how happy it makes me feel that my teen aged daughter request that she wants to spend time with her older than dirt, Mom? Priceless)!!! ☺ She also requested a "Family Fun Night" (no cell phones or other distractions) so Sunday afternoon (yes, I gave up a nap to spend time with her in the kitchen) she made "Hidden Valley Oyster Crackers and "Spreads" (think a huge ball of cookie dough, no choc. chips added...yet, "Spread" out on a cookie sheet, bake it, then top with 1½ cups choc. chips put back in oven 2 minutes to lightly melt the chips and "Spread" out like frosting. Add sprinkles or crushed M&M's etc.. Did I mention none of my kids WANT a Cake for their birthdays? Anyway, after Pizza we all watched a movie together than all of us (but Nick who had to do homework) played Apples to Apples (I stink at that game). ☺ Unfortunately, she went to bed with a headache and a bad cough and didn't go to school today.

At the time of this typing, Tony doesn't know what college he will go to but we hope to get it figured out SOON. With Dan's help, Tony has checked out, Kansas State (KSU), Oklahoma Christian University (OSU) and York College. Tony is interested in becoming a Game Warden (in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado area ☺) so Wed. Tony and I will be driving to Pratt to check out the college there, with classes available for what he needs to be a Game Warden. He's also considering Business Marketing. (May I just say this...I'm glad it's HIM and NOT me...I HATED SCHOOL and everyone that knows me well knows how much I hated school...everyone but my kids that is). LOL
From day one Dan has told them he wants them to get a good education and has put $$ aside for them for college. I can't say that I ever regretted not going on to college because I knew it wasn't for me. Right after I graduated I worked with my parents. Dad had a gas station and they turned it into a café so I managed that and 2 years later I married Dan. I started working in a restaurant when I was 12 years old and later when Mom and Dad opened the Dipper, I worked there and seemed to always do that kind of work.

That kind of work isn't for every one and I know people who think it's a low totem pole kind of work but I always enjoyed it and it didn't bother me one bit to be a waitress (and besides SOMEONE has to do it). ☺ I made great tips (I bought 2 cars before I even graduated from high school) working as a waitress and made countless life-long memories and most of all friends. ☺
Well, I hadn't meant to tell my life story on here. ☺ (I'll save that for the book I am writing about my life, I only work on that now and then). I'm trying to get a scrapbook done of Tony's newspaper clippings from sports etc. by his graduation Open House. I did get a video done of his life for that day, surprisingly. Also on my desk is about 50 recipes (only the tried and truly good ones make the cut☺) I want to add to the cook book I have been working on for 20 years (Yes, 20 and it will be a gift to KJ when/if she gets married, shhh don't tell her). It will all get done in due time but for now I just do what ever the day has in store for me. At 54 years of age most of my friends and classmates are talking about their GRAND kids and retirement years but not us but God had a reason He blessed us with these 3 precious kids and I just pray He blesses me with many, many more years with them.
With that being said I will close "Enjoy your kids, they grow up FAST"!!!

Have a SON-filled week.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


For 15 long, tear filled years I prayed that God would bless Dan and I, with a child and on Feb. 6th 18 years ago, we welcomed our first born, a son, we named Anthony Ray. (sniff sniff) Tony makes us laugh daily with his humor and his smile and hugs, warm my heart.

He weighed 9 pounds and was 21 inches long on that sunny, winter Tuesday. Today, he stands as tall as his Dad, at 6 foot 3 inches. He told me yesterday he weighs 200 right now, but he will lose some once tennis starts (he didn't play basketball this year so no work outs either). He's very smart and talented and loves to make people laugh but most of all he's a Christian. It's hard for me to think about him going off to college in the fall and not having him in the house. He tells me he will text me everyday (after he told me I will be texting him EVERY morning as a Wake Up call) ☺ I will continue to pray for him (and Nick and KJ) as they grow into young adults. So happy God gave me Tony...I am so BLESSED. Happy 18th Son.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

HiGhLiGhTs Of 2013

Well, it's Dec. 19th and it's been weeks since I blogged so I thought I'd just post our "2013 Holiday Letter" that gives some of the highlights of our year. Grab some coffee or cocoa it's going to be a long read (it took me over 3 hours to type it all and then edit it down to 2 pages). 

Before I copy and paste it here I thought I'd mention that Dan did NOT win the Ford Truck Giveaway he was a finalist in (sniff sniff) but they told him they are sending him a nice "Care Package". ☺ (I RUN to the mailbox everyday looking for it but so far NOTHING). LOL.There's a lot of other things I should be doing right now but thought I'd get this done so I can mark it off the "to do" list. I finally sent out Christmas cards Monday (and some on Tuesday); didn't send out as many as in years past. Not only did I cut back on sending cards but I cut back on how many "goodies" I made and even on gift giving (we'll be going to Colorado to ski; that is the kids' "Gift" every year). ☺
The weather is confusing!!! One day it's 60* the next day 35* and tonight we're suppose to get freezing rain. Kids only have a half day tomorrow then no more school til Jan. 6th.

Greetings Family and Friends,
    We hope this finds you all in good health and ready for Christmas, just one week away and as usual I’m behind on getting my cards out, as I’m just getting this typed up TODAY. Here’s where I always recommend grabbing a cup of coffee, as I give a summary of what we’ve been up to in 2013.
    I’ll start with the head of the house, the bread winner; Dan. The Lord has continued to bless him with concrete work almost year round yet he still finds time to spend with the kids, even after a long day of work. He enjoys playing Chess with all 3 kids or even tennis but the highlight is skiing with them in Colorado, each winter. He keeps me busy running to Lincoln for supplies or bringing lunch or forgotten tools, to the job site. He continues to teach the teen class and helped “coach” the Marysville team to another 1st Place at the 40th annual Bible Bowl, in Sabetha.
Now as for me, after much thought and prayer, I went ahead and had surgery on my other wrist, in Oct. but unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as the surgery on my right wrist. In May, I was left speechless (very rare for me) when the church family presented me with a plaque for 40 years of teaching and doing bulletin boards, etc.  Cried so hard I couldn’t even say “Thank You”. Dan let me get away for a quick trip to Branson with my parents and brother Jim, in October. The trip was cut short because my Dad got sick. He made it home but spent the night in the hospital. Dad had a stint put in, in June but he went to see the heart Doctor last week and he has to have by-pass (no date yet). Dad just celebrated his 80th birthday and I pray the Good Lord blesses us with many more years with Dad.
     Dad, Mom and Jim will be going with us to Colorado next week. They will be flying there (the 5 of us will be driving…all 13 hours, unless we run into bad weather like last year, when it took 27 hours). Steamboat was booked solid but Jim was able to get a condo by Winter Park. New ski trails for them and a new “view” for me; right by Rocky Mountain National Park. Also THANKS to Jim (and his timeshare and flyer miles) Kailoni and I, my Mom and Dad and Jim spent a week in the D.C. area. Dad was able to visit the Korean War Memorial and the other ones as well. We all watched the changing of the guard and I highly recommend it.
     In September, we once again had our annual Highway 36 Garage Sale (where do we get all this stuff)? What fun and so many people. At the end of this one, what was left over, we put on the curb, posted to Facebook come take what you want and it was ALL gone by the next day.
My niece Ashley and her husband Douglas that live in Brazil, visited the States for a month this summer; never enough time to do and see it all while they were here and it’s so hard to say goodbye. We also had 2 weddings this year; a niece on the Hooyer side and a niece on the Oehm side.
    My 35th Class Reunion (I know I don’t look a day over 29) was held in October. I always dread going but once I’m there, I’m glad I went. I even mustered up enough courage to hand out the awards (longest married, most grandkids, etc.) although my heart was racing, hands shaking and knees knocking. Also got to visit with my cousin, Linda and her husband and catch up on her family.
The Meal Tony made completely by himself all from scratch.
    Tony’s a Senior and I hope many of you will come help him celebrate when he graduates in May. He’s about to turn 18 and stands tall at 6’2”. He ran cross country, played soccer and plans to play tennis in the spring again. He decided he didn’t want to play basketball this year and in his words “I want to have more free time my Sr. year and with practice and so many games and I just sit on the bench…”. He didn’t go to the actual Prom but had a lot of fun at “After Prom” from Midnight to 4:00 a.m. (I had fun handing out the prizes every 30 minutes and managed to stay awake all night and even in church that morning). He got my Chevy Impala (when we got the SUV) and I think he’s put more miles on it than I did. He’s undecided where he wants to go to college but did go on a college visit last week. He worked for Dan this summer and looks forward each summer to going to church camp for a week, to spend time with his camp friends. This was his last year to participate in the Bible Bowl and took 1st place in Individual. (Nick took 2nd  and KJ 3rd)
    Nick’s a Junior this year and already looking at colleges. He keeps saying Laramie, WY (it’s close to Steamboat and I’m praying he stays closer to home). He still has chickens but they are on a farm of one of Dan’s employees. He got a puppy, Moh, in July and he takes her EVERYWHERE, seriously. While he is in school, Moh goes to the job site with Dan then Nick picks her up after school. She even went to KC this past weekend for the Oehm Family Christmas. She has been a great dog, not at all hyper like Comet (who sadly has not been seen since August). Nick likes to hunt (no deer this year…yet) and fish and asked for a kayak for his birthday and has been down the river several times (despite his Mothers fears). He also loves his week at church camp and loved the trip to the FFA National convention in Kentucky. He sure puts a lot of miles on his Dodge Dakota truck and his motorbike, too. I’m happy to announce he finally had that growth spurt he wanted he's now 5’8”.    
    KJ, a freshman, continues to play piano and violin and is “testing” out a guitar borrowed from Uncle Gregg. I love to listen to her play. She was so happy when she got her braces off, right before school started in August.  She enjoyed her trip to D.C. and took over 1,000 pictures there. When she got back she spent a week with me helping at VBS in KC and then going to a One Direction concert. She also got her learner’s permit but does NOT like to drive at all.  She gets all A’s and has a real talent for art and has prepared a few meals for us.
The meal KJ made completely by herself. Delicious.

     The 5 of us went to “The Hole in the Wall” a lodge in Iowa, for a weekend get together, in March. Dan’s Mom and all Dan’s siblings were there and their families. The weather was perfect this time. Lots of laughs when we played the Hooyer version of “Minute to Win it” games. We're looking forward to making more memories in 2014.
My Senior, Tony
Nick, a Junior
KJ our Freshman

Celebrate…the beauty of the season, the memories of the

season and the joy of the season. May peace, health and happiness be yours, in 2014.                                           

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bible Bowl results and other news

I changed the clocks for Daylight Savings so I changed the color of by blog page for the fall season. And yes it was another long dry spell of NOT blogging but cut me some slack...I'm NOT the Pioneer Woman!!! She has millions of followers and interesting things to post about and me...not so much. I am so glad I blog though because Saturday I was asked at the Bible Quiz Bowl how many times the kids took 1st place there and I didn't know for sure but I knew where I could look for the correct BLOG. Here's what I found out: the first year they went KJ was 8, Nick 10 and Tony 11 and the 4th player Colby, was 8 and they took 1st Place. They have gone 7 times and have taken 1st Place-4 times, 2nd Place-2 times and 3rd Place-once.

And while we're on the subject of the Bible Bowl this Momma is going to brag. Tony, Nick, Kailoni and our minister's granddaughter, Sophie, took 1st place in the Bible Quiz Bowl Saturday in Sabetha. Since all four last names start with "H" Tony suggested their team name be "4-H" and so it was.

This was Tony's last year to participate (he's a Senior) and he finished with 1st Place Individual, Nick took 2nd Place Individual and KJ took 3rd. As winners they got $$ to use to purchase items from the York College Book Store. Tony picked out a York College Ski cap, Nick had been looking for a slim NKJV Bible and found one and the boys gave their leftover $$ to KJ so she could get a York College long sleeve running shirt. Here's a picture a dear "sister in the Lord" took of the them getting their Individual award certificates.

I'm so proud of them because they could've gone to watch Marysville at State Volleyball (they took 3rd) or to the State Cross Country meet (Tony didn't qualify for Regionals this year) to cheer on 2 of his teammates (Joe placed 6th and Bryclin placed 16th) but they chose to go to the Bible Bowl. I'm thankful for all the time Dan spends teaching the teen class and helping them prepare each year for this. I wouldn't care if they were the last place team, it's the thought that they are reading and studying the Bible, that matters more.
I thought it was super cool that the very last question of the day was asked to our team was to finish this verse "Choose you this day whom you will serve...and I thought to myself "They better not get this one wrong" as I have a collection of over 35 items with this verse on it in our house. And my kids all smiled at me as they answered it with "but as for me and my House we will Serve the Lord". Joshua 24:15

It's almost been a month since my last post and a lot has been going on but  I just don't feel like blogging in detail. So on this wet, soggy day, grab a coffee or cappuccino (or run for the hills) as I give you a Reader's Digest snippet of life at my house.
 Here we go:

• the city has NOT worked on our street for 2 weeks (insert SAD face here)

• Mom, KJ and I to KC for my niece Kristen's very nice bridal shower (over and back in same day)

Yep, I FINALLY got to SPIN the Big Branson!!!
• Dan let me make a quick trip to Branson with my Mom, Dad and Jim. (I needed that trip more than you know Honey, THANK YOU). We were there a few weeks to early though to see the beautiful fall colors of Branson. We got to see our friends, the Gabriel's, in their show, at their new theater but sadly we had to leave at intermission as my Dad was very ill. It was a LONG trip back home and Dad had to stay in the hospital overnight because of a viral infection (we think food poisoning). Thankfully, he is fine now but we were worried it was his heart. I ♥ time with family.

• Made a few quick trips to Lincoln-one for supplies for Dan and one for clothes for Kristen's wedding. Oh and Dan got a pair of COWBOY Boots. Yee Haw!!! I really like them, too. The boys are ushers and needed Black Slacks, White long sleeve shirts and black shoes and belts. Good call Kristen because Nick needed the exact same things for his trip to the FFA Convention in Kentucky (and added 3 more states his has been to). He had a blast there and they got to go up into the St. Louis Arch, had a tour of Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger factory/museum. Over 55,000 students attended yes FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND the largest group ever. He brought me home some magnets and smashed Pennies, too. Not sure who missed Nick or his dog, Moh? (No spell √ Moh is correct). ☺ They have taught her so many "tricks". She's a great dog; (yes, I said it) calmer than our Lab was.

• I have won $30 bucks so far in the FREE Football Pick 'Em Contest this year; maybe even more because did pretty good on my guesses this week. Will know tomorrow when the paper comes out.☺
• KJ continues to take piano and violin lessons. She was named Honorable Mention as "October Art Student of the Month". She has 2 pictures on display at the Kiwanis Pancake Feed today.

• The boys are done with sports. Tony decided NOT to go out for basketball; he wants to enjoy his freedom, his Sr. year (he never got to play much anyway; even though he was pretty good). ☺

• Tony is undecided about where to go to college but Nick is pretty sure he will go to Southeast Community College about 35 miles from here and take the 2 year AG program. He went to their Open House and was impressed with all they had to offer.

• The 24th I had surgery on my left wrist; same thing they did on my right wrist but thankfully no aneurysm this time. I told him to tell Dan I couldn't cook for a month and yesterday when I had the 10 stitches removed (and didn't faint) he was telling me to wear the bandages 5 more days, etc. I said "And I can't cook for a week either, right"? He said he would right a note this time. ☺ He told me this scar will be doubt about it. Pathology report was good news but he just couldn't figure out how I could have so much inflammation and tendinitis. I reminded him of my injury 2 years ago when I fell on both wrists. Plus, I did scoop hard ice cream for many years. Yes; I dipped with my LEFT hand, too. I could arm wrestle just about anybody and WIN back in the day. ☺
I won't post the one without the bandage.
• Same day as surgery I went to our towns "Black Squirrel Night" celebration (yes, I know sounds weird but we are known for our BLACK squirrels and once a year the city serves "Black" (chocolate) donuts and cookies etc. the marching band performs and they have vendors along main street etc. and my Dad and I watched all the little kids in the costume contest. Oh, and I won a Free Turkey from the city, they give away 20 of them (truth be told, you actually get a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart). ☺

• Tony and KJ had to fix food for a grade again last week. I ♥ when they have that assignment. Dan gave their "scores" this time and of course he gave them top scores. ☺ I've also been trying more Pinterest recipes...mostly desserts though.

• Our Gospel Meeting started Sunday with former NFL player Willie Franklin. That man LOVES the Lord...he is on fire for the Lord. He holds the attention of EVERYONE, including small children. Afterwards we have been serving cookies (he calls himself "Cookie Monster") and as my Mom told him he looked like Jesus with all the "little children" flocked around him. He made me realize that I could be doing more to share the Love of our Lord. He calls 20 different people EVERYDAY and encourages them in their walk with the Lord (if they don't answer he leaves a prayer on their voicemail). He sings Hymns as he walks in Wal-Mart or other stores and most will join in or ask him to sing a certain hymn. He's NOT ashamed to seek and save the lost. Only 2 nights left. Tomorrow we are feeding him supper. Last year when he was here after supper Dan asked if he wanted to play ping pong and my 3 jumped up to head to the basement and Willie stopped them and told them to pick up their plates and carry them to the sink. I was like "SWEET"!!! (I don't usually ask KJ to help because she usually has homework or instruments to practice but she does help when I need her most). Willie is all about honoring your parents and having a "servant heart". Willie was here in 1981, it was 103º and he and Dan played tennis and Dan got heat stroke (Willie had Dan running all over the courts). When they got done they came to our ice cream parlor and got ice cream. When my Mom asked Dan WHY, he played Willie in tennis on such a HOT day his response was "Not everybody can say they played tennis with Willie Franklin". I love that man of mine!!!

• I got another 2 chapters written on my...I guess you would call it my Biography. I had to have something to take my mind off the pain in my wrist. No one will ever read it but maybe someday my kids can read it to me when they visit me in the nursing home or something and get a good laugh and cry from reading it, right?

• Enjoying the beautiful fall colors; the leaves are breathtaking. Have I mentioned I ♥ AUTUMN?

•That's all for now folks. If you read all this to the end leave a comment because I doubt to many hang around through all that mumble jumble. ☺

As always...Have a SON-filled week.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OcToBeR NeWs

Surprised? I can't believe this is my 2nd post in October and it's only the 9th. I hope you ALL took the time to read my last post and VOTED for Dan, in the Ford Truck Challenge (here's the link in case you didn't vote yet or meant to but forgot check the VOTE Box under Hooyer Concrete). ☺
Bummer you only get to vote once but we have gone to great links to get the word out; that he's in the Top 10.

In other news...I went to the Dr. about my left wrist and he said I needed an MRI; so they walked me down a hall (after assuring me it was an OPEN MRI because I had flashbacks of the MRI for my right wrist). The technician had me lay on my back and prop my left wrist up (even though I asked if I could please lay on my stomach; like the first time I had an MRI) but no luck. As I started to go into the "tunnel of dome" my nose was touching the machine. I turned my head to the side and it was so dark in there I freaked out. I said "Get me out get me out I can't do this" (and NOT in a soft voice either). I told the tech I wasn't going to be able to do this machine(I think the machine was older then me and nothing OPEN about it). The tech assured me 88% can NOT go through with it on their first time and that most have to be "medicated" to go through with it. HE said the other option would be to have it done at the hospital down the street.

Well, of course they had no openings for the day I was in Manhattan so I did a little "retail therapy" before I went home. Later the Drs office called and said they would prescribe "Valium" for my next attempt because the Dr. will not do the surgery without the MRI. HE said he didn't want any surprises (aneurysm) like the last time. So, Monday, I took my 2 security blankets (AKA my parents) with me to Manhattan. I took the Valium 30 minutes before my appointment (I can't say that I felt any different though) and waited for my turn.

Let me just say that had I seen this MODERN piece of technology BEFORE I took the Valium, I can guarantee I would NOT have taken it. It was small (compared to the other 2 MRI machines I'd seen), it was well lit and you could see all the way through it and what a view. I was able to lay on my stomach, my left arm out in front of me, given headphones to listen to music, (offered a blanket but I didn't need it)and only went in to my shoulders. Even with all the noise the machine made, I still dozed off (perhaps the Valium or I was very tired). About 40 minutes later; I was done and thankful that it went so well. I told the lady tech that if I ever heard anyone say they needed an MRI, I would refer them to Mercy. And by the Dad drove home. ☺ So now I wait for the Dr. to look at my MRI and set a surgery date. Meanwhile, I wear the wrist brace and try not to bump it and also TRY to STAY CALM and stress free because I know what an aneurysm can do.

Nick is excited that he was selected to go to the FFA National Convention, the end of this month, in Kentucky. I just hope they make it back in time for the Bible Bowl that Saturday, after studying so long and hard for it. Nick has a photographic memory. He took 1st place at a FFA meet when he named all the "something" on a test. I think it was bugs or was it grains (he's not here to ask).

In other news...I survived my 35th Class Reunion!!! Every 5 years I always dread the thought of going to my class reunion and every time AFTER it's over, I'm always glad I went. ☺ I didn't get to do everything they had planned for the weekend. I didn't ride on the float with the classmates because I wanted to see the Pep Rally that followed the parade because Tony represented the Cross Country team and gave a quick "speech".

I called the local Motel and they added '78 to their sign

No, he's NOT rapping and yes I know his socks don't match; it was Spirit week.

King James and Queen Abi
I was so happy that our neighbor boy, James, was named "Homecoming King". To be politically correct, (according to Obama's Rosa law) you would say he has a intellectual disability but he's a bright, happy go lucky, intelligent young man and as evident by the vote, he is welled liked. Tony has been his buddy since kindergarten. To this day, when he sees me, he always says "Hi, Tony's Mom".

I did go to the Homecoming football game and all the classmates sat in the same section. I was so happy that my cousin Linda and her husband Ray came down for the reunion and we got to "catch up" on our families this weekend.

After the game, about 20 classmates (and spouses) went to the local (newly remodeled) Bowling Alley. Several bowled (I didn't because of the bad wrist and the lack of strength in the right wrist yet).  Sat. morning I helped decorate the building where we would gather for the evening meal visit. I didn't go on the "tour" of our high school (I see it often; as my 3 kids attend school there). They had a DVD of the Marching Band from the 70's. The band was known state wide as being one of the best bands and everyone loved the "Bulldog Shuffle". I loved the "shuffle"; wish they could bring it back. I brought my yearbook and it was looked through many times that night.

Our catered meal was very good. BBQ brisket, roasted chicken breast, green beans, oven-roasted potatoes and for dessert an assortment of flavors, REAL cheesecakes. YUMMMM! After supper, the Emcee had a moment of silence for the 3 classmates that are gone to soon and acknowledged the one classmate that "served our country". He also announced that our class raised over $2,500.00 (way to go) for the stadium renovation and the Class of '78 will be added to the list of contributors plaque. Then it was my turn (gulp, swallow hard, try NOT to pass out tell hands to quit shaking and knees to stop knocking) to present the 5 awards.

Those that know me know I do NOT like to speak in public. I started off by saying how I wished I hadn't transferred out of Mr. Minor's Speech class; had I stuck with it my knees and voice would not be trembling as I spoke. Thankfully, I made it through it and was even able to read the poem "Twas the night before our Class Reunion" I re-worded to fit my thoughts about reunions. Many said I did a great job and said they could NOT tell I was nervous (well, I need an Oscar than for "best performance" of a "confident" emcee.

the Red and Black Photo Albums used for Awards
I jokingly said that as I Googled what awards I should present; I realized that all the "awards" would go to me!!! (laughter) I "Lived closet to the school" (3 blocks) the "Teacher's Pet" I had the "Youngest Kids" (all mine are still in high School; although it was pointed out later one classmate has 6 kids, the youngest is a toddler the oldest is a Junior) and even more laughs when I said I was the "Classmate that still LOOKED the same". LOL

Here's the 5 that I actually used and awarded them with Photo Album.
Traveled the furthest: Arizona
Most Grandchildren: Went to the classmate that had 2 GREAT-Grandkids
Married the Longest: There were 5 of us that were still standing as I asked 30 years or more. One couple still standing as we passed 33 years and they had been married 34.
Last to Respond: 2 days before reunion but happy he was able to come

Smartest Classmate: This was determined by answering several trivia questions about our Senior Year. Who was our Class President? The Homecoming Queen? Our Class Colors? Who was our Drum Major? Where did we go for Senior Skip Day? What chain restaurant catered the meal, at skip day? Lots of laughs.

We all lined up for our group picture, decided to encourage more to attend our 40th reunion, in 5 years (32 attended; out of 106 classmates), visited with several and before I knew it, it was time to go home. I'm glad I went!
The Class of 78 in 2013
I saved the best news for last!!! I'M SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! WHY, YOU ASK??? What one thing was I wanting so bad that I was about to offer my first born for (kidding, of course)? Nope, not that? Guess again! Nope, not that! They are working on my street!!!!! Seriously!!! Monday, I heard "beep, beep, beep" and looked out my window and saw the most glorious sight!!! There was a bunch of machinery, tearing out the gravel road that runs past our house. I literally teared up. I thought I was dreaming!!!

I was at Wally World yesterday and the mayor said "We're working on your street" and I said "If we weren't in public I'd hug you" (I agree, probably not the best choice of words and thankfully he's my former boss and knew that I meant, I truly was so excited). As I type this they are tearing up the street. You really have no idea how "stressed" I was because of these gravel streets these past 10 years (I remind you that we live in TOWN). I can NOT wait to see the finished product. Wait til my next garage sale and my repeat shoppers see the new improved street. They will be so happy that it is finally fixed. ☺
Day 3 of street work
Until next time (don't hold your breath, I never know when I will blog next).
Have a SON-filled week.