Monday, February 24, 2014

HAPPY 15th Birthday

Well, this is a day late but Happy 15th Birthday to our beautiful daughter, KJ!!! "TIME FLIES"!!! Seriously, it's been 15 years?!?!? We woke up to what looked like powder sugar on the streets, a light snow, unlike the day she was born 15 years ago, when it was a whiteout. Driving the 15 miles to the hospital, we didn't know if we were on the highway or driving in the ditch but we made it there and she was born 40 minutes after we arrived. The Doctor barely made it there before KJ was born at 12:02 p.m. a Tuesday (all 3 kids were born on a Tuesday).
We didn't know what we were having and when people asked I'd say "Well, we will either have My 3 Sons or a little sister for Tony and Nick. They got a sister and although when we brought her home Tony looked at me and said "TAKE HER BACK"!!! we kept her and he quickly learned to love her and we got to keep her. ☺

Fast forward 15 years and now she's a smart, talented, compassionate, shy Freshman...who 3 years from now will be a Senior and making plans for college. COLLEGE!!! I can remember when the kids were little I would get so over-whelmed with these 3 gifts from God (I had 3 kids in 3 years...yes I got over-whelmed) and other Mom's would say "Enjoy this time with them it will go fast". And they were so right. I'm still trying to come to grips that my first born, the one we prayed for, for 15 years, will be graduating in 3 short months and then off to college. And the next year Nick will graduate and go off to college and in May 2017, KJ graduates. And for the record...NO I am not getting one bit excited about being "Empty Nesters"...Dan and I had that for the first 15 years of our marriage; I will miss the rush here, go there, do this activities, we've had these past 18 years but I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for these three precious gifts.

KJ wanted a mother-daughter trip to Lincoln for her birthday so we went Saturday. (Do you know how happy it makes me feel that my teen aged daughter request that she wants to spend time with her older than dirt, Mom? Priceless)!!! ☺ She also requested a "Family Fun Night" (no cell phones or other distractions) so Sunday afternoon (yes, I gave up a nap to spend time with her in the kitchen) she made "Hidden Valley Oyster Crackers and "Spreads" (think a huge ball of cookie dough, no choc. chips added...yet, "Spread" out on a cookie sheet, bake it, then top with 1½ cups choc. chips put back in oven 2 minutes to lightly melt the chips and "Spread" out like frosting. Add sprinkles or crushed M&M's etc.. Did I mention none of my kids WANT a Cake for their birthdays? Anyway, after Pizza we all watched a movie together than all of us (but Nick who had to do homework) played Apples to Apples (I stink at that game). ☺ Unfortunately, she went to bed with a headache and a bad cough and didn't go to school today.

At the time of this typing, Tony doesn't know what college he will go to but we hope to get it figured out SOON. With Dan's help, Tony has checked out, Kansas State (KSU), Oklahoma Christian University (OSU) and York College. Tony is interested in becoming a Game Warden (in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado area ☺) so Wed. Tony and I will be driving to Pratt to check out the college there, with classes available for what he needs to be a Game Warden. He's also considering Business Marketing. (May I just say this...I'm glad it's HIM and NOT me...I HATED SCHOOL and everyone that knows me well knows how much I hated school...everyone but my kids that is). LOL
From day one Dan has told them he wants them to get a good education and has put $$ aside for them for college. I can't say that I ever regretted not going on to college because I knew it wasn't for me. Right after I graduated I worked with my parents. Dad had a gas station and they turned it into a café so I managed that and 2 years later I married Dan. I started working in a restaurant when I was 12 years old and later when Mom and Dad opened the Dipper, I worked there and seemed to always do that kind of work.

That kind of work isn't for every one and I know people who think it's a low totem pole kind of work but I always enjoyed it and it didn't bother me one bit to be a waitress (and besides SOMEONE has to do it). ☺ I made great tips (I bought 2 cars before I even graduated from high school) working as a waitress and made countless life-long memories and most of all friends. ☺
Well, I hadn't meant to tell my life story on here. ☺ (I'll save that for the book I am writing about my life, I only work on that now and then). I'm trying to get a scrapbook done of Tony's newspaper clippings from sports etc. by his graduation Open House. I did get a video done of his life for that day, surprisingly. Also on my desk is about 50 recipes (only the tried and truly good ones make the cut☺) I want to add to the cook book I have been working on for 20 years (Yes, 20 and it will be a gift to KJ when/if she gets married, shhh don't tell her). It will all get done in due time but for now I just do what ever the day has in store for me. At 54 years of age most of my friends and classmates are talking about their GRAND kids and retirement years but not us but God had a reason He blessed us with these 3 precious kids and I just pray He blesses me with many, many more years with them.
With that being said I will close "Enjoy your kids, they grow up FAST"!!!

Have a SON-filled week.

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Now I'm ready to go to sleep. I enjoyed it. Uncle Jimmers